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Briefing Reports

This year, Innovation Zero is introducing new forums to its event, and we wanted to make sure we were fully informed on the latest trends and topics so we can deliver the best content possible to our audience.
  • Food & Agriculture

    23 Nov 2023 Alistair Drennan
    As the Innovation Zero team continues to conduct research into our newly-introduced forums, reading online and speaking with our esteemed Advisory Board, we are pleased to bring to you our latest Indu ...
  • Minerals & Materials

    01 Nov 2023 Alistair Drennan
    If you trace back the supply chain of any industry upstream, you find the metals, minerals and materials which comprise the end product or its constituent parts. Whether it’s the minerals which make u ...
  • Oceans & Water

    18 Oct 2023 Alistair Drennan
    We know that the oceans play an important role in regulating the Earth’s temperature, absorbing carbon dioxide, and supporting biodiversity and livelihoods. But we are only just starting to recognise ...
  • Aviation & Shipping

    05 Oct 2023 Alistair Drennan
    Following the success of our Towards Zero Carbon Aviation panel at Innovation Zero 2023, we were really excited at the prospect of bringing an Aviation & Shipping Forum to our next edition. After all, ...



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