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Innovation Zero 2024 Forums

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Innovation Zero conference ran across 14 dedicated forums. View this year's session recordings.

The Innovation Zero conference ran across 14 dedicated Forums, with each covering areas of interest including scaling clean technology, policy, investment, circularity, decarbonisation, infrastructure, and supply chain. Hover over the images below to find out more about each forum.


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Main Stage

Main Stage

Featuring globally-recognised thought leaders, Innovation Zero will highlight not only the key challenges our planet faces, but holistic, collaborative ways in which we can rise to the occasion and overcome the climate crisis.

Sustainability stars will demonstrate world-changing financial, scientific, legislative and social solutions.

Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase

Startups developing exciting and game-changing technologies will present their products and services to corporate buyers and investors, demonstrating the ways in which their business can accelerate the UK’s pathway to net zero.

We believe is innovation is what will unlock net zero goals: our showcases are where you find the key.


Energy Forum

The energy transition is a fundamental component of the Green Industrial Revolution; not only as a critical decarbonisation strategy but as vital guarantor of modern day energy security.

Our forum will discuss how we unlock policy bottlenecks and the capital required to provide critical grid infrastructure, while innovators present their latest technologies across nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, and more.

Financial District

Finance Forum

Our forum will walk attendees through each stage of investment, demonstrating best practices in scaling businesses at speed, and tackling the fundamental issue of how we bridge the funding gap for innovators.

Green and Transition Finance will also feature as we investigate the ways in which the finance & investment community is responding to the climate crisis.

Advanced Tech

Advanced Tech Forum

Robotics, advanced materials, AI and space tech can revolutionise mitigation and adaptation, and truly change the world. But such technologies often start as unproven models which require high levels of risk-heavy capital investment.

Discover the latest frontiers of tech and how we advance them into commercial reality.


Industrial Forum

Hard-to-abate sectors like steel and cement can decarbonise through energy efficiency measures, reducing operational emissions and the employment of a circular economy.

Innovations in CCUS and supply chain decarbonisation will feature amidst discussions on how we reduce the carbon
inputs and outputs of the industrial sector.

Built Environment

Built Environment Forum

The UK has the oldest building stock in Europe, and radical changes are required to reduce the levels of embodied and operational carbon permeating the industry.

Conversations around energy efficiency and retrofitting will feature as we engage with leading housebuilders, mortgage lenders, local authorities and associations.

Oceans & Water

Oceans & Water Forum

The world ocean encompasses over 70% of the surface area of the planet and 99% of its living space. It is the largest carbon sink on earth and could deliver a fifth of the emissions cuts needed to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C. But our oceans are boiling.

Discover the ways in which we can protect and restore our seas, while harnessing the huge investment opportunities available in the Blue Economy.


Minerals & Materials Forum

Decarbonisation in upstream supply chain is an essential component when considering the overall reduction of GHG emissions and organisations’ adherence to Scope 3 reduction commitments.

Conversations around the mining of metals and minerals, and how we decarbonise these operations, will number amongst several thought-provoking discussions.


Transport & Mobility Forum

Transport accounts for over 20% of global emissions, and a complex mobility ecosystem presents a roadblock to zero.

Innovations in fleet decarbonisation, car electrification, traffic management, and alternative fuels will be discussed by leaders across transport who are reshaping the way we navigate urban environments.

Food & Agri

Food & Agriculture Forum

As nature capital blooms an area of interest, learn how the agriculture industry is transforming in turn through regenerative practices and nature based solutions.

Discover also how the food industry is improving circularity, as well as new technologies in biomimicry and alternative proteins.

Environmental Markets

Carbon Markets Forum

Offsetting is essential to tackle climate change, with the VCM expected to reach around $250bn by 2050.

Meet investors looking to fund new tech, carbon project developers seeking scale, corporates seeking new credit markets, as we provide comprehensive insights into carbon and natural capital markets.


Communication Forum

Pioneering influencers and marketeers will teach startups how to communicate their business to investors, and corporates how better to reach their consumer base.

Panels and case studies on storytelling and behavioural insights will dive into how to listen to and shift public attitudes on climate change and move towards a solutions-focused mindset. Our communications forum will also feature an exclusive opportunity for startups to rapidly meet with invited investors in a high-impact facilitated networking session.

Aviation & Shipping

Aviation & Shipping Forum

As the UK propels towards ‘jet zero’, how do we industrialise towards a commercial reality? Is SAF or hydrogen-electric the answer, or both? Leaders of aerospace institutions and airlines will be among the captains of industry tackling these challenges and more.

Hear also about the crossovers between the aviation and shipping industries; what the two can learn from each other, from the perspectives of investors, regulators, shipowners and those exploring alternative fuel and material innovations at sea.

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Meet and connect with the people & companies who are driving the transition.

From the Main Stage, where global thought leaders unravel the complexities of the climate crisis, to the Advanced Tech Forum exploring cutting-edge climate technologies, each session is designed to foster growth opportunities in the clean economy.

Attendees, including private sector decision-makers, will gain actionable insights into achieving climate goals through forums like the Energy and Finance Forums. The event is a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and strategies essential for a sustainable future.

  • Main Stage: Features global thought leaders discussing challenges and solutions for the climate crisis.
  • Innovation Showcase: Startups will present their technologies aimed at accelerating the UK’s pathway to net zero, targeting corporate buyers and investors.
  • Energy Forum: Discusses policy and capital in energy transition, with innovations in nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, and more.
  • Finance Forum: Guides attendees through investment stages, focusing on green and transition finance in response to the climate crisis.
  • Advanced Tech Forum: Explores revolutionary climate technologies like AI and space tech, advancing them into commercial reality.
  • Industrial Forum: Covers decarbonisation in heavy industries like steel, cement, and petrochemicals, focusing on energy efficiency and renewables.
  • Built Environment Forum: Tackles the challenge of reducing carbon in the UK’s old building stock, with discussions on energy efficiency and retrofitting.
  • Oceans & Water Forum: Focuses on protecting and restoring the oceans, part of the Blue Economy.
  • Minerals & Materials Forum: Addresses decarbonisation in the mining sector and its impact on GHG emissions.
  • Transport & Mobility Forum: Discusses decarbonisation challenges in transport, including fleet decarbonisation and electrification.
  • Food & Agriculture Forum: Explores transformations in agriculture through regenerative practices and the food industry’s advancements in supply chain and technology.
  • Carbon Markets Forum: Centres on carbon offsetting and the growth of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).
  • Communication Forum: Instructs on effectively communicating climate initiatives to investors and consumers, including facilitated networking for startups.
  • Aviation & Shipping Forum: Addresses innovations and challenges in reaching ‘jet zero’ and the crossover learnings between aviation and shipping industries.

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