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Why attend?

We are all in this together, but there is a knowledge gap between policy, the innovation required to decarbonise, the finance at every stage, and the corporate and public sector leaders who need to deploy innovative solutions to hit their net zero targets.

Innovation Zero exists because investors need to find the next unicorn and surface innovators who will put a dent in the climate crisis. Corporate sustainability executives need to bolster committed boardroom support. Innovators need capital. Corporate and public sector supply chain leaders need to decarbonise whole supplier networks. Procurement need competitively costed low carbon suppliers.

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Why visit

5 reasons to attend Innovation Zero

1. Learn from industry leaders

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Innovation Zero brings together world-class speakers who are experts in climate change mitigation, clean technology innovation, and implementing low carbon solutions.


2. Network with peers

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The congress provides an excellent opportunity to network with other senior leaders, innovators, funders and policymakers. Registered visitors will be advised in advance of all the free to attend networking events taking place over the two days at the congress so you can build your contacts.

3. Discover the latest innovations

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Innovation Zero is a showcase of cutting edge innovations from the UK and around the world. Meet the founders who are quite literally going to change the world.

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4. Gain insight into emerging trends

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With over 600 speakers across 11 stages, including working groups, you will be fully up to date with the latest thinking on how business is playing a lead role in the decarbonisation transformation.

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5. Be inspired to take action

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By attending Innovation Zero, you will be inspired by the passion and dedication of other movers and shakers to drive positive change within your organisation. This event provides the perfect platform to gain the knowledge and tools you need to make a difference.

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Who should attend?

At Innovation Zero, we understand the transition to a low carbon economy requires contribution from all quarters to work together.

That’s why we want to build not just a cross sector innovation culture, but a community. Innovation Zero is the place where policy makers, innovators, funders and business leaders come together to share insight, form new partnership and collaborate to make a difference and capitalise on the opportunities.

  • FTSE top 350 business Leaders - demonstrate your organisations’ commitment to a clean future by leading from the top. CEOs can join the Congress Chair NetZero CEOs reception.
  • Sustainability professionals - get insight and updates on trends, build your personal network and identify innovation.
  • Corporate procurement - identify the latest innovation across multiple sectors that will give your organisation an edge in the market. Communicate your requirements.
  • Public sector procurement - make sure you are fully informed on the most cost effective solutions to deliver maximum value.
  • Venture capital - find the next unicorn, connect with bigger funds and stay on top of industry themes.
  • Funds (non VCs) - connect with co-investors and counterparties. Build up the black book.
  • Innovators - connect with funders, connect with future customers.
  • Corporate innovation - connect with VCs, meet with innovators.
  • Policymakers - get feedback from industry on the challenges and opportunities.
  • "Innovation Zero is critical for accelerating the transition to clean energy. We need to see more expos like this which bring together stakeholders from the public sector and private sector to have those critical conversations."
    Dr Sweta Chakraborty
    CEO NA, We Don't Have Time
  • "Pretty much everybody and anybody in the climate innovation space from the UK and beyond was there. Events like this give us energy, inspiration and hope."
    Roland Harwood
    Co-founder & Director, Climate Tech SuperCluster
  • "An event where all parties across the ecosystem are brought together - innovators, academics, policy makers, investors and procurement specialists - provoking discussions that show that we all have a role to play if we are to achieve Real Zero."
    Marilena Ioannidou
    Director, Venture Solutions, British Business Bank
  • "Innovation Zero provided a fascinating forum for discussion and debate - and it was a pleasure to share what the UK Government is doing to stimulate high integrity carbon markets."
    Dexter Lee
    Head of Carbon Markets, DESNZ