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  • Solution Test

    19 Jun 2024 Solution Test
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  • ciriabest simplifies the evaluation of blue-green infrastructure benefits through an intuitive online platform, minimising the need for extensive economic data.
  • Genesis is a market-leading consulting company with a global presence across 15 locations, focused on providing high-value advisory services to the energy industry.
  • The Chamber of Commerce Network exists to support and connect companies.
  • BCC's Future of the Economy initiative is tackling the UK’s big economic challenges of the day. Here, each of our Champions tell us a little bit about their Challenge.
  • GLOBAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2024 Thursday 27 June QEII Centre, London  Our theme for 2024 is "The Future of the Economy" 
  • Changeblock Exchange (CBX) stands out as a comprehensive, best-in-class global financial exchange. Our integration of web2.5 technologies ensures a seamless, secure and efficient trading experience fo ...
  • Learn more about Bluebell Index in this comprehensive animation.
  • Dr Helen Meese, CEO The Care Machine Ltd.
  • Seamus Garvey, Professor of Dynamics at the University of Nottingham
  • Professor Jon Gluyas, Department of Earth Sciences & Ørsted/Ikon Chair in Geoenergy, Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Dr Nima Gerami Seresht, Department of Engineering
  • Adam Scorer, Chief Executive, National Energy Action
  • Nikki Kluskens - PhD candidate from Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Find out more about InterAct, our aims and how we're helping to build a more sustainable, effective manufacturing future. InterAct is funded and overseen by Made Smarter Innovation and the UKRI Econom ...
  • The release of carbon is one of the reasons why we are seeing temperature increases across our planet every year... but what role does the ocean play in absorbing it? Dr Socratis Loucaides, Head of An ...
  • Scientists from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) have discovered a chain of events that lead to hotter and drier European summers, meaning weather may be predictable months to years in advance. ...
  • Chaco Vivo is a groundbreaking REDD+ project in Paraguay, spearheaded by Atenil S.A. The initiative covers 187,916 hectares of native forest in the Paraguayan Chaco.
  • From seeding to harvest, Farmstar provides a complete range of advice for wheat, barley, rapeseed and rapeseed's companion plant at intra-field scale, all perfectly aligned with the crop cycle.
  • AtkinsRéalis

    16 Apr 2024 AtkinsRéalis
    Engineering a better furture for our planet and it's people   
  • Our commitments to a greener future
  • Wales & West Utilities explore how lessons learnt from the past can be used to shape the future of the gas industry
  • Wales & West Utilities took part in a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered vehicle earlier this year with automotive and green energy developer, First Hydrogen.  
  • Commercial Installations

    12 Apr 2024 Keith Rogers
  • Starling is a global service enabling to identify deforestation risks in supply chains, take actions and deliver on their no-deforestation and net zero target commitments.   
  • Satellites have alerted us to the increasing rise in sea levels.   
  • Space4Climate

    10 Apr 2024 Sally Stevens
    Space4Climate brings together UK expertise in satellite data for climate actions, decisions and products, from industry, academia and policy. Find out more about us in this short video.
  • Green Lithium are delighted to announce that Green Lithium has chosen Teesside as the destination for the UK’s 1st large-scale lithium refinery. The Company is leading the way in meeting the UK and Eu ...
  • Green Lithium is building the UK's first merchant lithium refinery. OUR MISSION Accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable energy storage by increasing the supply of low-carbon, batt ...
  • Green Lithium announced today that it will build the UK's first large-scale lithium refinery at PD Ports in Teesside, UK. The creation of this substantial facility will begin to meet the urgent needs ...
  • The UK has approved the construction of the country's first large-scale lithium refinery to produce badly needed material for electric car batteries. The project, run by Green Lithium, will also be on ...
  • SIGWATCH Managing Director Charlotte Moore talks about SIGWATCH, our activism expertise and why responsible companies should undertake meaningful engagement with NGOs.
  • Hear from our founders and some of our members about the successes and learnings from our first year.
  • Guaranteeing food security, reducing agriculture's environmental impact and preserving natural resources are huge societal challenges.
  • The missions of Airbus Defence and Space customers help to protect others, improve life on Earth and advance our knowledge of the universe.
  • Airbus Defence and Space has been a key partner in the Copernicus programme since it kicked off in 1998 under the name GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).
  • Airbus A400M first test flight using a load of 29% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
  • Airbus Defence and Space has conducted flight tests of an A400M roll-on/roll-off firefighting prototype kit
  • Work With Dstl

    07 Jun 2022 Dstl
    Dstl works alongside a range of suppliers to provide our customers with the best science and technology, research and capabilities to protect the UK’s security and advance the UK’s defence interests.
  • We Are Dstl

    03 Dec 2020 Dstl
    Ever wonder what happens at Dstl? Experience the incredible range of work we do at Dstl… in just over a minute.  
  • PeaSoup cloud services use sustainable and highly performing liquid immersion cooling technology. What sets PeaSoup Cloud apart? ✅ 100% Sustainable Tier 3 Data Centers: Showcase your commitment to env ...
  • Hybrid Air Vehicles and the City of Doncaster Council agree terms on flagship production site for Airlander 10
  • Starting Your Journey to Net Zero

    27 Mar 2024 5 D Net Zero
  • EES Group Solar & LED Projects

    26 Mar 2024 Joanne Wells
  • Accelerate 2 Zero

    26 Mar 2024 Joanne Wells
  • Arup is powering a clean and just energy transition. Across renewables, urban energy, transmission and distribution, hydrogen, new fuels and nuclear, we work with our clients to decarbonise the energy ...
  • In just a few clicks, you'll learn how to get the most of Orbify, and visualize insights like never before.
  • Do you know what nature-based solutions, sustainable development, and investment & insurance have in common? They all require the ability to monitor natural assets & key environmental indicators to ac ...
  • In this series, Paul Gosling from Hays, interviews influential figures about everything from how they started and where they are now, to what needs to happen to get the results our planet desperately ...
  • CrystalTrade présentation

    14 Mar 2024 Melvin SEENEEVASSEN
    Discover our Platform designed for biochar project developers to prove the impact of their projects
  • JA Brookes Solar Install | EES Group

    12 Mar 2024 Energy Efficient Solutions Group
    Our installers work tirelessly to produce the most efficient and flawless solar arrays for your buildings. From initial site survey we allocate you a dedicated project management team to work with you ...
  • Energy Efficient Solutions Group

    12 Mar 2024 Joanne Wells
    Find out how we continue to help our customers build a more sustainable business by harnessing our sustainable and renewable technologies. See some of our projects being installed, meet the team at HQ ...
  • Discover how Mura's HydroPRS™ advanced recycling process converts mixed waste and flexible plastics back into the chemicals and oils from which they were made, for reuse in the production of new plast ...
  • See footage of our first HydroPRS™ facility in Teesside, UK! Mura is pleased to publish its participation in a short news-style programme, Engineering a Sustainable World, produced by ITN Business and ...
  • Click to watch the Six Inches of Soil Official Film Trailer, which was released in November 2023.
  • Creating thriving places and spaces that put people first. We believe communities are at their best when they are connected, resilient, productive and inspired. 
  • GHD have a stated vision and a determination to address humanity’s most urgent needs: to ensure water, energy and urbanisation are made sustainable for generations to come. That’s powerful. That’s com ...