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  • Xampla, which is the UK’s first university spin-out to achieve B-Corp status, is now on a mission to replace everyday single-use plastics and microplastics with their material, which performs like syn ...
  • Nyobolt was spun out of the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry in 2016. It was co-founded by Professor Clare Grey and Dr Sai Shivareddy to commercialise their novel ultra-high power battery technolo ...
  • This project is one of the first solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Senegal, providing 160,000 people with access to renewable electricity and avoiding around 27,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Semilla Azul is a blue carbon project that promotes mangrove restoration in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. EcoAct is proud to partner with Resiliencia Azul to help the area to adapt to climate change   
  • EcoActor travelled to Brazil's Amazon river basin to audit the Marajó project, which aims to preserve 86,000 hectares of rainforest and improve social and environmental conditions of local communities
  • Green Economy

    22 May 2023 Green Economy
  • The Humber has a powerful story to tell as an example of a ‘place’ that is defining itself through renewed confidence, ambition, investment, and opportunity, preparing to be a sustainable economic and ...
  • The Humber is ‘a critical piece of the jigsaw in decarbonising the UK’. It has over £15bn of private investment to deliver projects that will safeguard 1 in 10 existing jobs in the region and provide ...
  • £15bn of private investment has been pledged across 18 nationally critical energy and decarbonisation project proposals. From carbon capture and storage to low carbon hydrogen, these projects are the ...
  • The Humber region is leading the clean energy transition through its thriving offshore wind sector. ✅ 35% of the total UK offshore wind capacity is operating today from the Humber ✅ It’s home to eight ...
  • Why is the Humber so critical to government net zero targets? The #Humber emits more CO2 than any other industrial cluster in the country. Almost half of all industrial emissions come from the Humber ...
  • This is our shared vision for the Humber. High-skilled, green jobs. Private investment to drive economic growth. A decarbonised future for our country.
  • Meet the experts - Sabrina Alam

    19 May 2023 South Bank Innovation
    Sustainable Business Solutions Accelerator Courses Meet the expert - Sabrina Alam
  • We are a sustainability certification and net zero provider for organisations and the built environment. For over a decade, we have supported organisations to radically reduce carbon emissions, create ...
  • Back BECCS at Drax:
  • Back BECCS at Drax:
  • Find out more about BECCS:
  • Find out how you can support BECCS at Drax:
  • Find out how you can support BECCS at Drax:
  • Hyperlocal, real-time air quality data for governments and businesses to monitor air pollution and reduce emissions.
  • Green Lithium Site Video

    16 May 2023 Green Lithium
  • Green Lithium Introduction Video

    16 May 2023 Green Lithium
  • Tech Nation's Net Zero 2.0, supports scale-ups to achieve scale and accelerate the UK’s goal to drive down global emissions. We support early-stage scaleups which operate across key sectors, including ...
  • What if...we could bring knowledge to life

    16 May 2023 South Bank Innovation
    What if together we could bring knowledge to life?
  • The TREEO Technology connects tree growers in the global south to the carbon market, supplying high-quality CDR to our balancers: companies on the path to net zero. 
  • TREEO: A Pioneer in nature-based carbon dioxide removals

    30 Mar 2023 TREEO at Business Reporter
    Learn more about TREEO's nature-based carbon dioxide removals in this interview with our co-founder and CEO, Johannes Schwegler, by Alastair Greener and Business Reporter.    The TREEO carbon product ...
  • Sustainable Network Explainer

    15 May 2023 Sustainable Network
    The current system is broken. It allows too many potentially world-saving ideas and innovations to fail. As a community of purpose and values-driven entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders, we be ...
  • Power Roll Video

    15 May 2023
  • Research and Enterprise at University of Hull

    15 May 2023 University of Hull - Research and Enterprise
    University of Hull powering economic and research development
  • Aura - Festival of Green Innovation

    15 May 2023 University of Hull - Research and Enterprise
    Established in 2021, the Festival of Green Innovation (FOGI for short) was created to celebrate SMEs in the low-carbon innovation space within the Humber region and beyond
  • How a university and industry partnership is propelling the future of renewable energy

    15 May 2023 University of Hull - Research and Enterprise
    Collaboration between Universities and energy companies to improve offshore wind turbines
  • Turning the Tide

    15 May 2023 University of Hull - Research and Enterprise
    Turning The Tide is a dance-performance-film project exploring the role of women in the renewable energy and offshore wind sector.
  • Aura CDT - Shaping a Resilient Future for Offshore Wind Energy

    15 May 2023 University of Hull - Research and Enterprise
    Aura Centre for Doctoral Training in Offshore Wind Energy
  • As a generator of low-carbon electricity and heat, Sizewell C can help kickstart other technologies needed to achieve net zero. We have exciting plans to bring nuclear and hydrogen together in East An ...
  • Are you looking for a quick and simple explanation of what Sizewell C is and what it will mean for Britain? This video gives you just that. In it, we look at the various aspects of Sizewell C, a new n ...
  • Sizewell C's Civil Programme Director, Sarah Williamson, gives us an overview of the nuclear power station project and the major role it will play in helping the UK tackle carbon emissions once constr ...
  • The OX truck featured on BBC Midlands Today on 29/09/2021 1:30pm
  • This is a collaborative video created with the European Business Chamber Rwanda and LivIn Kigali.
  • OX Customer Stories

    OX Delivers
    An inside look at OX's customers in Rwanda.
  • Managing Director of OX Global, Simon Davis, discusses OX truck, market, and more, live on CNN International.
  • This video illustrates all the aspects of impact that OX Delivers tackles and introduces you to many of the people on the ground spearheading this impact. The first showing occurred at COP27's Action ...
  • Welcome to our promo video. Here we briefly expand on our ethos of Supporting Sustainable Futures before highlighting some of our online courses' most exciting and innovative features.  
  • Black Grass: a cereal killer

    05 Feb 2023 University of Hull - Research and Enterprise
    Aura Black Grass Case Study
  • Our vision is for the Solent to become a leading centre for low carbon investment that will grow the regional economy, protect skilled jobs, and create new employment opportunities in the energy techn ...
  • Working together to realise a low carbon future for the Solent and beyond
  • November 2022 saw the launch of The Solent Cluster: designed to bring together industry leaders and global organisations to create a lower carbon future. After a successful event with high profile spe ...
  • See the video to learn how we use space technology to measure and monitor forests and the carbon they sequester to the highest detail.    
  • Watch the video to learn why we believe that offsetting should come last but it should not come later.
  • Watch the video to learn why we strive to create a world where a tree in the ground is more valuable than a tree chopped down. 
  • Watch the video to learn why we care about nature-based solutions (NbS) as they offer win-win-win benefits for all.  
  • Your green energy contract may not be as green as you think. Find out why, and how you can gain greater transparency over your energy sourcing. 
  • A three-minute introduction to Sustainable Fitch’s ESG Ratings.
  • Discover how 8 Rivers is revolutionizing the Direct Air Capture (DAC) industry with their proprietary technology, Calcite. In this presentation from CERAWeek 2023, Adam Goff, SVP of Strategy, shares i ...
  • Discover the remarkable team behind 8 Rivers, a climate technology company dedicated to pioneering the clean energy and climate future. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, we take you inside ou ...
  • PeaSoup embraces environmentally friendly immersive cooling for cloud services. This technology increases performance by stabilising ambient CPU temperature and reduces data centre footprint and power ...
  • PeaSoup embracing carbon footprint-reducing high-performance liquid immersion cooling technology to provide ECO Cloud solutions. For more details please visit
  • Kinetic Dryer CAD animation

    10 May 2023 Richard Atkinson
    Coomtech Kinetic Dryer, CAD full system animation
  • For Our Planet. This is the call to join our community. Our message to any business or individual that wants to make a positive difference. 
  • Take climate action this Earth Month and join a community of over 18,000 businesses.
  • In July 2022 the engineering team conducted a series of field tests on a ski hill located just outside Montreal in Canada.    
  • RheEnergise's High-Density Hydro ® can turn hills into batteries
  • Engineering Net Zero

    19 Apr 2023 Sam Mathias
    Strategies and solutions for a Net Zero carbon future Engineering Net Zero is our blueprint for the future. It will steer our approach in every plan, every project and every brand.  
  • Decarbonomics

    19 Apr 2023 Sam Mathias
    We make carbon visible.  Our goal is to de-risk your decarbonisation journey, empowering you to move forward with confidence and ensuring the longterm success of your business.  
  • Abatable: About us

    18 Oct 2022
  • GreenEnco Ltd announced today another milestone towards the journey against Climate Emergency measures. This is a custom made Off-Grid System comprise with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) module, hybrid inver ...
  • Wiliot on CNBC

    29 Sep 2022
    Wiliot was featured on CNBC News with Shepard Smith as part of a segment called Clean Start. It was our company's first appearance on national TV in the US.
  • End to end platform demo

    17 Apr 2023 Benji Martin
  • Take the legwork out of calculating your footprint and start your net-zero journey today. Zero excuses, zero limits and zero reasons to wait 🚀
  • Mobilityways, with our Liftshare For Work solution, work with Arup at their Solihull HQ to ensure that the 1000 team members based on site are able to park with just 350 spaces.