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What is Zero In?

Curated by the team at Innovation Zero, every month, we zero in on the latest developments in the low carbon transformation. We're not breaking the news. Instead, we'll bring you exclusive, reflective insights from leaders and innovators and share interesting stories of progress.

Let's Zero In!

  • On 25 July 2023, the EIC published its long-anticipated Insight Report, a global initiative developed in a comprehensive methodology using interview techniques to obtain enough information to draw cor ...
  • For our inaugural issue, Innovation Zero’s VIP & Partnerships Manager Amir Sadeghi recommends “The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix the Future” (KoganPage, 2023) by Futerra Chief Solutionist Solit ...
  • 2023 is a year like no other. Global temperatures above all records. Oceans “boiling”. Wildfires, heatwaves, and floods all over the world. Shrinking economies. Let’s face it, we’ve been putting clima ...

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