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Introducing Ideaonomy 

This year, Innovation Zero is proud to be partnering with Ideaonomy, a game changing start-up offering an innovative AI and machine learning supported solution to power problem solving, connect communities and create meaningful change.

Ideaonomy will be driving conversation and action both during and after Innovation Zero. Look out for QR codes across the event to connect with the entire event community and have your say about the most important issues across each forum.

How does it work?

  • Scan the QR codes across the event to submit, view and rank the most important problems across each forum.
  • After the event, the top problem areas will be consolidated – this is where meaningful action happens…
  • With Innovation Zero's support, you'll then be able to join a series of newly-created problem solving teams, created from the top-ranked issues, and meet people who share the same problem as you, regardless of what sector they originate from.
  • Let’s solve problems together, and create a new global community for positive change!

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