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07 Dec 2023

IZ Recommends | Compassionate Leadership by Manley Hopkinson

IZ Recommends | Compassionate Leadership by Manley Hopkinson
Compassionate Leadership

For December's edition of Zero In, the Innovation Zero team recommends Compassionate Leadership by Manley Hopkinson, who will give the keynote address at Innovation Zero 2024's Communication Forum.

"My book, published in 2014, was the first book specifically on Compassionate Leadership. I was inspired to write it for a number of reasons.

My research into the concepts of commitment - what it is? - were it comes from? - what comes with it? led me to the work of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who describes compassion as “empathy with positive action”. That is brilliant - so powerful yet so simple. It brings the concept of compassion into the everyday, into leadership and away from being specifically about trauma or suffering. Compassionate leadership is the source of commitment!

As an adventurer - skippering a yacht in the “world’s toughest yacht race” and wining the inaugural “Polar Race” to the magnetic North Pole, as a leadership advisor & mentor and as an accountable member of senior leadership teams in many business I had witnessed the power and benefits of gaining commitment - the impact of compassionate leadership, that I was compelled to capture my stories, the learning and the application.

It’s quite a unique book in that it is a blend of storytelling, analysis and pragmatic application - a tool box with science and emotion behind it. Very much a compassionate leadership handbook to be used, scribbled on, corners folded over and referenced."

Manley Hopkinson

Manley Hopkinson, Founder and Director, The Compassionate Leadership Academy


Visit Manley's website to learn more about Compassionate Leadership and to pick up your own copy.


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