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11 Jan 2024

Bridging Worlds: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future

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Bridging Worlds: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future
Mohamad Kantar & Amina Sundby Merkebawi

In an era where climate change poses one of the most significant global challenges, collaboration between developed and developing nations is no longer optional – it's imperative. This partnership goes beyond mere aid; it's about fostering a collaborative ecosystem that propels innovation, particularly within the clean-tech and sustainability sectors. At the heart of this movement are young entrepreneurs, whose fresh perspectives and innovative ideas are key to unlocking a sustainable future. The recent COP28 conference in the UAE has thrown into sharp relief the crucial role of global collaboration, making this discussion more timely than ever.

The Current Landscape & COP28 Insights
Developed countries have a long history of supporting their developing counterparts through climate finance and technology transfer initiatives. According to the UNFCCC, billions are pledged annually to assist in mitigation and adaptation efforts. COP28 has significantly advanced this narrative, with the U.S. committing over $3.7 billion in new climate finance investments and an overall $11.4 billion contribution to address the climate crisis in developing economies​​. Moreover, COP28 unlocked innovative financial mechanisms and saw over $57 billion in climate finance commitments, showcasing unprecedented momentum in supporting low-income and vulnerable countries​​​​.

Kantar COP28
Source: KAP at COP

Young Entrepreneurs Take Centre Stage
From the UK's innovative landscapes to Nairobi's bustling tech hubs and India's ambitious solar villages, young entrepreneurs are leading the charge. The global entrepreneurial landscape is vibrant with emerging solutions, and young visionaries are at the heart of this transformation. Jaymish Patel’s Biofuel Evolution is turning food waste into clean energy, sparking a circular economy revolution. Concurrently, Cultiva's sustainable agricultural methods are reshaping farming practices. In Lebanon, Dekenet al Nes's unique grocery model champions community and sustainability, while Savvy Elements is redefining chemical production with its green approach. Meanwhile, Zeflab's groundbreaking satellite data is setting new standards in environmental monitoring. These initiatives embody the spirit of bold climate action, demonstrating how youth-led pioneering initiatives can forge a sustainable future.

KAP workshop with Biofuel
Source: KAP biofuel workshop

By supporting young entrepreneurs in developing countries, we go beyond aiding their development; we’re investing in a sustainable and just transition for all.

COP28 Fuels the Fire
Imagine a world where these young visionaries receive the support they need. With adequate climate finance, as bolstered by COP28's ambitious pledges, ventures like Unitrove's pioneering hydrogen bunkering facility and Zeflab's satellite-driven conservation strategies can scale their operations, enhance their impact, and contribute significantly to their economies. These entrepreneurs are not just participants in the green revolution; they are the architects, crafting a world where cutting-edge advancements meet sustainability. Technology transfer, now underscored by the summit's discussions and commitments, means building a global community of knowledge exchange where entrepreneurs from the Global South can innovate and adapt solutions to fit their context. The ripple effect? Accelerated innovation, job creation, and a just transition towards a sustainable economy.

KAP's Role
With adequate support, these dreams blossom into tangible impact. By bridging the resource gap, kap ignites not just individual success but systemic change. At Kantar Advisory Partners (kap), we understand the critical role of fostering these collaborations. Our partnerships, like the one with Innovation Zero, are a testament to our commitment to driving impact and sustainability across borders and sectors. We're not just consultants; we're collaborators, mentors, and advocates for those who dare to dream of a greener world. Through our extensive network and deep market understanding, we're here to ensure that young entrepreneurs don't just survive but thrive, especially in the post-COP28 world.

Join the Movement
The journey towards a sustainable future is a collaborative one, and every one of us has a role to play. We invite you to join us in this mission – whether you're an investor looking to contribute to meaningful projects, a startup seeking guidance and support, or someone passionate about making a difference. Visit KAP's website to learn how you can be part of this transformative journey.

The path to sustainability is paved with innovation, collaboration, and a relentless drive to do better. COP28 has set a new pace, offering unprecedented opportunities and resources. By supporting young entrepreneurs in developing countries, we go beyond aiding their development; we're investing in a sustainable and just transition for all. Together, let's bridge the worlds, empower the visionaries, and ignite a global movement towards a greener, more resilient tomorrow.


Amina Sundby Merkebawi - Partner & MENA Director

Mohamad Kantar - Managing Director

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