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Victoria Tozer-Pennington

Victoria Tozer-Pennington

Editorial Director / Co-Owner, Airline Economics and Aviation News Ltd
Victoria Tozer-Pennington is the Editor of Airline Economics magazine, as well as director of parent company, Aviation News Ltd, the publishing and events company dedicated to the commercial aviation finance and leasing industry, which she co-founded in 2010. Victoria is a very experienced aviation and financial journalist. Over the past two decades, she has covered markets from pharmaceuticals, to loan and bonds, to aviation, as well as working extensively on risk management, where she has edited many magazines and newswires, including The Risk Universe and Operational Risk & Regulation magazine. As well as Airline Economics, Aviation News Ltd also publishes MRO Global, several annual reports, including The Finance & Leasing Guide, The Aviation Law Guide, and The Aero Engine Guide, as well as Aviation Life magazine, a consumer publication that covers future technology ' from vertical take-off air taxis and electric cars ' to commercial space developments, adventurous travel, food and traveller health, all from the unique perspective of the aviation industry professional. Under the Airline Economics Growth Frontiers brand, Aviation News organises several international conferences serving the aviation finance and leasing industry. Since 2013, Airline Economics has launched Growth Frontiers conferences around the world, with very large conferences in Dublin, Seoul, Tokyo, London, Dubai, Tel Aviv, New York & Singapore.