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Toddington Harper

Toddington Harper

CEO, Gridserve
Toddington is a second-generation solar energy and energy storage professional, whose parents pioneered some of the world's first commercial deployments of solar energy and battery storage systems around 45 years ago. He has spent virtually his entire career focused on delivering sustainable energy solutions, including creating five successful sustainable energy and low carbon businesses which he has led as CEO over the last 20-years. Prior to founding GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Ltd, Toddington was co-founder and CEO of BELECTRIC UK (2010 & 2011 solar world market leader), responsible for the development, construction and financing of c.350 MWp of utility scale solar farm & solar rooftop projects, including a 3.5MWp 20-acre solar rooftop project for Rolls-Royce. Toddington created GRIDSERVE to #deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change. GRIDSERVE's first major success was winning the highest price battery storage enhanced frequency response contract with National Grid, where GRIDSERVE was awarded one of only seven successful contracts out of 208 tendered. Since then GRIDSERVE has grown from strength to strength. In 2019, against the odds of a year dominated by Brexit, GRIDSERVE pushed through, pioneering and delivering the UK's largest and most technically advanced hybrid solar projects, becoming the UK solar energy and technology market leader. In 2020 a year dominated by the global pandemic, and the country locking down multiple times, GRIDSERVE persistently and safely managed to open the UK's first Electric Forecourt', powered by solar energy and battery storage projects, designed to provide the best possible charging experience for electric vehicle drivers, and assist the uptake of net zero carbon electric vehicles in the earliest possible time frames. This was also supported with the launch of a new electric vehicle solution leasing business, GRIDSERVE Car Leasing to further support the transition. In 2021, GRIDSERVE's presence in the charging space accelerated when acquiring the UK's biggest existing charging network from Ecotricity. GRIDSERVE invested millions of pounds to upgrade the newly-named GRIDSERVE Electric Highway network with new charging technology, contactless payment, real-time mapping as well as reducing pre-authorisation fees. The replacement of chargers was only the first step as the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway continues to expand to meet the needs of the electric vehicle market today. In 2022, GRIDSERVE opened over 100 High Power chargers across a new network of Super Hubs and a new Electric Forecourt' in Norwich. From Swansea and Burton-in-Kendal to Wetherby and Exeter, new 6-12 bay 350kW-capable High Power chargers have been installed to support long distance travel throughout the UK. In 2023, the pace continues with six new Super hubs in Q1 and many more to come.