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Susanne Mecklenburg

Susanne Mecklenburg

Head of Climate Office, European Space Agency

Susanne is charged with promoting and increasing the use of Earth Observation data to strengthen climate science as a response to the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. Her team manages ESA’s Climate Change Initiative, a major Europe-wide research effort that develops the satellite evidence records required to monitor the state of the Earth system, policy decision-making and guiding climate action.

The Climate Office operates internationally alongside the scientific (WCRP, GCOS) and policy bodies (UNFCCC, IPCC) responsible for the climate process, other space agencies (via CEOS) and national institutions.

Susanne Mecklenburg has a background in hydrology and atmospheric science from the University of Dresden and ETH Zurich. Her previous roles include management of the Earth Observation Programme at the UK Natural Environment Research Council and serving as the UK Space Agency delegate to ESA.