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Steve Milward

Steve Milward

SVP of Engineering & Operations, 8 Rivers
Steve Milward is the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at 8 Rivers Capital LLC, a leader in the development of zero-carbon, clean energy and process technologies. Prior to joining 8 Rivers, he was the Director of Oil and Gas at WSP and also held other various positions over an eleven year tenure within the organization including Engineering Director, Power Generation and Operations Director. Prior to that he served at Schenck Process, a world leading weighing and conveying firm that specialized in emission reduction technologies in the energy sector with a particular focus on improving efficiency and reducing particulate emissions in line with the Kyoto protocol. With over 32 years' served in the Power and Oil and Gas sector he has gained significant experience in all aspects of project lifecycles and is consistently proven in securing and managing large, challenging energy sector design and installation projects whilst leading the way in hydrogen and carbon capture technology innovation. Highly flexible, broadly skilled and resilient with extensive international experience, skilled in managing and improving multiple business facets - maximizing client relationships, raising company capabilities and profiles, and increasing profit margins.