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Sarah Wallace

Sarah Wallace

Head of Climate Change and Sustainability, UK Strategic Command, Ministry of Defence

Sarah is responsible for Climate Change and Sustainability strategy and implementation on behalf of UK Strategic Command part of the UK MOD.

Sarah’s role has a diverse problem set from having to carefully balance military operational resilience and effectiveness with a need to be a sustainable and climate conscious government department with estate in both the UK and Overseas. Being on the forefront of innovation is critical for defence and innovation in the climate space is no different form energy transition to understanding equipment effectiveness in future climate scenarios. Sarah works with stakeholders across defence to deliver the business changes needed to effectively navigate and integrate initiatives to solve Climate and Sustainability problems.

Sarah has a background in international programme delivery and analysis. Prior to joining the MOD 5 years ago, Sarah worked as an econometric analyst with Gain Theory part of WPP, and NGOs Medical Aid Films, evaluating the impact of multi-agency health interventions in sub–Saharan Africa and the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, delivering wildlife conservation in Tanzania.