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Sander de Haas

Sander de Haas

Chief Technical Officer / Regreening Expert, Justdiggit

Sander is Chief Technical Officer and Regreening Expert at Justdiggit. Sander is trained as a hydrogeologist and civil engineer and has a wide experience in water harvesting and landscape restoration programs throughout Africa. At Justdiggit he is not only responsible for selecting the techniques and locations for Justdiggit’s restoration projects, he also tracks the effects on people and the environment using cutting-edge technologies like drones and satellite data. Furthermore, he investigates the strategic opportunities for Justdiggit’s growth to regreen the whole African continent.

One of the things Sander is most proud of is that he had to find ways to regreen Kajiado's degraded landscapes when he first started working at Justdiggit in 2014. He chose to test the technique of water bunds in Kenya in 2015 after noticing how the terrain resembled that of Western Africa, where these water bunds were commonly practised. Nine years later, more than 400,000 water bunds have assisted in regreening large areas of Tanzania and Kenya and have encouraged many other organisations to use similar strategies.