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Salah Said

Salah Said

Head of Sustainability, Klarna
Salah Said has worked in sustainability for 9+ years in companies such as SCHUFA, SAP, Zalando, and now Klarna. Before that, he worked at several nonprofit organizations, including Ashoka and Social Impact. Salah founded Worldcitizen e.V., a nonprofit organization focusing on Diversity & Inclusion and youth education, and has been a member of the Board Member Innovation Committee at Fashion for Good for over two years. He is also currently part of the Advisory Board for Sustainable Consumption hosted by Doconomy.Salah believes in innovative approaches toward ethical and environmental sustainability, and is convinced that the fashion, finance, and tech industries are an extremely enticing and fertile playing field for innovation. 'Companies that hold themselves accountable and take a creative approach to new sustainability challenges will be the celebrated pioneers of tomorrow.'