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Roland Harwood

Roland Harwood

Co-Founder, Climate Tech Supercluster

I am a compulsive connector of people and ideas.

As CEO and founder of a collective intelligence community called Liminal, we are helping to build and activate the Climate Tech Supercluster. I am also the Community Lead at Milestone, Trustee of the Participatory Cities Foundation, and author of On The Edge, a book and podcast about making sense of our increasingly connected world.

Previously I co-founded and led 100%Open, the award-winning open innovation agency that worked in 25+ countries with the likes of LEGO, UBS, Ford and Unilever. We spun out from the charitable foundation Nesta, where my team supported the launch of the World Wide Web Foundation with Tim Berners-Lee.

Graduating with a PhD in Physics, having studied with Nobel Prize winner Professor Peter Higgs, I am also a failed astronaut, a TV and film music composer for Sony, and a proud and exhausted dad of three children.