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Richard Gwilliam

Richard Gwilliam

UK BECCS Programme Director, Drax
Richard Gwilliam is UK BECCS Programme Director at Drax and is responsible for overseeing the conversion of the UK's largest power station to the world's largest BECCS project. BECCS, or Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage, is a scalable greenhouse gas removal technology that will remove CO2 from the atmosphere, trapping it permanently underground and supporting the fight against climate change. Richard has over 20 years' experience in promoting major infrastructure projects around the world and has worked on CCS for much of his career having previously undertaken roles at National Grid and in commercial consultancy. In addition to his work at Drax, Richard is chair of the Humber Energy Board ' a public/private sector board focused on delivering the decarbonisation of the UK's largest industrial cluster. He is also a Non-Executive Director at Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce and a Board Director at Future Humber.