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Rebeca Ramos

Rebeca Ramos

Founder & Creative Director, Studio Rare

Rebeca Ramos is a respected design leader with an international trajectory across disciplines and scales, spanning architecture, artistry and urban design. Her trajectory is filled with award-winning high-profile projects recognised for their design excellence, cultural impact and innovation.

She is known for cross-cutting leadership that combines strategic thinking and creative vision; carefully curating teams from unexpected backgrounds and skillsets to foster innovation and maximise the value and impact of ideas. She led the design and delivery of the award winning Maggie’s Leeds; and the strategic definition of Google's largest urban campus in California. Her engagement with cultural discourse and innovation are often presented in collaborations with inventors, emerging technologists and artists, pushing the boundaries of cultural discourse.

Rebeca has been a visiting lecturer at renowned international institutions including the Architectural Association, UCL, Westminster University. She has been a judge of the Trophy Design for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation, most recently joining the judging panel for the Innovation Zero Awards.