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Peet Denny

Peet Denny

Founding Partner, Climate VC

Peet Denny is the founding partner of Climate VC whose mission is to have a gigatonne-scale impact on the climate emergency. Peet is a multiple founder and technologist who started programming at age 10 and created his first company at 24 during the dot com boom.

As CTO of a large UK FinTech, he developed the world's first AI financial adviser in the pensions space, and he founded one of the UK’s largest AI communities.

Before leaving a successful career in Artificial Intelligence to dedicate the rest of his life to fighting the climate emergency, Peet was a teaching fellow, international keynote speaker, and expert in ethical and explainable AI, and its use in decision-making.

In addition to founding multiple companies, Peet has also invested in, advised, and helped scale multiple startups ranging from a few people in a bedroom with a cool deck up to series B and a couple to exit. Peet studied Innovation and entrepreneurship at Stanford, once interpreted a live talk from French into Chinese, and wrote some of the music to Lemmings 2.