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Nick Wise

Nick Wise

CEO, OceanMind
In the face of the climate emergency, global business needs to drastically reduce their emissions and impacts on nature within this decade to manage future risks to their operations. With climate-based financial disclosure regulation already taking effect and nature-based financial disclosure on the way, business needs to quantify their existing risks and publish strategies to reduce risk. Nick Wise is a sustainability expert and the CEO of OceanMind, one of the founding members of Climate TRACE. Climate TRACE is a global non-profit coalition created to make meaningful climate action faster and easier by independently tracking greenhouse gas emissions with unprecedented detail and speed using satellites and artificial intelligence. OceanMind monitors human activity on the ocean to ensure compliance with marine regulations and verifies supply chain adherence to responsible buying policies. Using satellites and AI, OceanMind calculates emissions from the shipping industry, detects illegal fishing, and can even identify potential labour abuse in the supply chain to inform ESG reporting. Nick has been designing large-scale, highly secure software solutions for over 20 years. Before joining the ranks of social entrepreneurship, Nick's journey saw him starting an Internet security business, as CTO of a mature SME, and managing product development in a billion-dollar multinational. As a DRK Entrepreneur, GLG Social Impact Fellow, and member of the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Solutions Collaborative, Nick now empowers people to solve global sustainability issues with technology.