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Michael Drury

Michael Drury

Managing Director, Lucid Catalyst

Michael is a Managing Director at LucidCatalyst, based in London. Previously, he was Managing Director of two reactor vendors developing Gen IV reactors. He has held senior roles and represented the UK government on Advanced Nuclear Technologies (ANT) for both SMR and AMR at the International Atomic Energy Agency. As Account Director for the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory he has led programmes on Gen III+ and Gen IV reactors and chaired the UK Molten Salt Technology Platform and has a current position on the board of Midlands Nuclear.

He has provided written and oral evidence to the science and technology select committee for delivering nuclear, been an expert speaker at the All Party Parliamentary Group for both Nuclear and APPG SMR, worked closely with HM Treasury and DESNZ on developing UK policy for nuclear and been an expert for public perception development for modular reactors in the UK. He has worked with academia to develop capabilities for advanced nuclear technologies and is a fellow at the University of Liverpool on the Zero Power reactor programme. He has developed engineering solutions and project managed major projects such as Chernobyl NSC, ITER Fusion programme, Magnox decommissioning and projects on the existing fleet of UK AGR reactors and PWR reactor at Sizewell B. Having started his career in automotive at Jaguar Landrover volume production vehicles, his most recent focus has been on volume production of advanced modular reactors and the development of clean, net zero solutions.