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Louis De Jaeger

Louis De Jaeger

Co-Founder & Filmmaker, Eat More Trees

Louis De Jaeger is a visionary on a mission to make a profound impact on our world. With three primary objectives guiding his life's purpose, he endeavours to rejuvenate vast expanses of land, ignite inspiration in countless individuals, and infuse every endeavour with a joyful spirit, for he firmly believes that transitions should be as enjoyable as they are meaningful.

A prolific author, Louis has penned two enlightening books that explore the future of agriculture and the wonders of food forests. He is a driving force behind various impactful campaigns, exemplifying his commitment to creating positive change. Moreover, he is the founder of Commensalist, a distinguished landscape architecture firm. Through Commensalist, Louis and his team embark on awe-inspiring journeys, transforming ambitious projects spanning an impressive 500 hectares, across diverse locations around the globe.

Beyond the written word and architectural innovations, Louis is an award-wining filmmaker, dedicated to raising awareness about sustainability and our planet's future. His latest documentary, "Eat More Trees," showcases his unwavering determination to introduce the world to the enchanting realm of the food tree.

In all his endeavours, Louis De Jaeger is resolute and unwavering, driven by a passion to not only advocate for sustainability but to bring its magic to life. Through his diverse talents and indomitable spirit, he invites us all to join him on this extraordinary journey of regeneration, inspiration, and pure enjoyment.