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Kat Bruce

Kat Bruce

Founder / Skipper, NatureMetrics / Sea Change Row

Kat is a biodiversity scientist and one of the global pioneers in the use of environmental DNA for large-scale biodiversity assessment. Kat founded NatureMetrics in 2014 to improve the ability of businesses, governments and NGOs to measure and track the state of nature at site-based assets. From a team of 4 scientists, NatureMetrics has become one of the world’s leading nature technology companies, helping hundreds of companies to track their impacts and make better decisions for nature across global portfolios of sites. She is one of the founding members of the UK Business and Biodiversity Forum, part of the TNFD data catalyst, and has been involved in both Climate and Biodiversity COPs in recent years as a leading voice in the fast-emerging field of NatureTech. Kat is closely involved with the GB Row Challenge, where teams row around the UK coastline collecting nature data including environmental DNA samples; Kat participated once before in 2019 and will again join a team in the 2024 challenge.