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John Geddes

John Geddes

President, OnTheVerge Media

With a diverse background in entertainment, John's roles have spanned leadership positions at Corus Entertainment, TIFF, and co-founding Foresight Features, where I’ve produced award-winning films. This journey has allowed me to collaborate with major distributors such as Lionsgate, STARZ, and AMC.

Yet, beneath the spotlight of entertainment lies a deeper purpose. My passion for science, technology, and notably clean energy is unwavering. As a father of three, the call to address climate change resonates personally and profoundly. I'm committed to creating content that not just entertains, but enlightens, especially on the critical topic of climate science. This dedication is fueled by my love for philosophy and a mission to produce content that truly connects with audiences on subjects often overlooked.

"The Goldilocks Mission" epitomizes this vision. Designed for teens and young adults, this climate education series leverages entertainment to spotlight our planet's challenges. More than just a show, it represents a pledge: to leave a legacy of awareness, understanding, and hope for my children and generations to come. Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey.