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Johannes Schwegler

Johannes Schwegler

CEO and Founder, Treeo
Johannes Schwegler, CEO and founder of TREEO | Fairventures Digital GmbH, went to Indonesia in 1997 as a volunteer to teach carpentry. Based on his experiences there, he founded the non-profit organization Fairventures Worldwide (FVW) in 2012, with which he collected donations to carry out reforestation projects in Indonesia. The devastating consequences of massive deforestation of rainforests and the palm oil industry shocked him early on and he was always looking for ways to counteract this. In 2018, winning the Google Impact Challenge led to the development of the smartphone app TREEO, which was incorporated into Fairventures Digital GmbH in 2021 as a spin-off from FVW. TREEO finally opened up the opportunity for scaling carbon dioxide removals with biodiversity and social benefits.