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Jennifer Sullo

Jennifer Sullo

Managing Director of Asset Management and Investing Solutions, Earth Finance
Jen Sullo is Managing Director of Asset Management and Investment Solutions at Earth Finance. She brings significant expertise integrating sustainability into portfolio construction, investment, and due diligence processes as well as creating tailored, client-specific sustainable investment funds for private wealth and institutional investors ' including corporate retirement plans, insurance reserve pools, non-profit investment portfolios, and financial intermediary platforms. Jen has worked globally to provide education and strategic advice to sophisticated asset owners on decarbonization goal / target setting, climate scenario analysis, carbon footprinting and benchmarking, regulatory considerations, implementation pathways, and broad-ESG integration. Prior to Earth Finance, Jen was Global Head of Sustainable Investing Solutions at Goldman Sachs Asset Management ($2.2T) where she was responsible for global sustainable investing strategy, product development, and partnerships. Previously, as Managing Director and ESG Practice Lead of Rocaton Investment Advisors ($600B), she was responsible for ESG integration within multi-asset Advisory and OCIO channels. Prior to Rocaton, Jen held various positions at J.P. Morgan, Voya Investment Management and GE Asset Management. She graduated from Fairfield University with honors and an M.S. in Finance and from Trinity College with honors and a B.S. in Economics.