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Ilias El Fali

Ilias El Fali

Managing Director, Corporate Strategy, Sustainability and Innovation, OCP Group
In his role as Head of Corporate Strategy, Sustainability, and Innovation, Ilias El Fali is responsible for developing and implementing OCP Group's sustainability initiatives and their commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2040. Collaborating closely with OCP Group's business units, his team endeavors to fully integrate sustainability and innovation into the organization's overarching strategy. This includes spearheading the development of projects related to Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen, as well as reinforcing OCP's outreach program to assist farmers in implementing sustainable practices. Based at OCP Headquarters in Casablanca, Morocco, Mr. El Fali joined OCP Group in 2009. Over the years, he has assumed several management and executive positions, including Director of Safi Chemical Site (2013-2015), Executive Vice President of Industrial Operation (2015-2020), Chief Operating Officer (COO) (2020-2021), and Advisor to the Chairman (2021-2022). Prior to joining OCP, Mr. El Fali served as the Site Director for Ynna Steel and held positions as the Manager of Production and Logistics Activities for Air Liquid Maroc. He also worked at Lesieur Cristal, serving as Production Manager and Purchasing Manager. Mr. Iliass El Fali earned a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and Materials Science from Mines Paritech in Paris, France in 1998.