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Elena Pravettoni

Elena Pravettoni

Clean Power Lead, Energy Transitions Commission

Elena is the Clean Power Lead for the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC), a global coalition of leaders from across the energy landscape committed to achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century. Elena oversees the analytical work programme on clean power, collaborating with the ETC’s Commissioners and experts. Her current focus has been on a report series on Barriers to Clean Electrification, and she is the lead author of the ETC report Making Clean Electrification Possible: 30 years to electrify the global economy. She has also led work for global mitigation efforts for the ETC’s Keeping 1.5°C Alive series, working with COP teams. Prior to joining the ETC, Elena worked in the Energy group at IHS Markit in Washington DC and London, focusing on long term global energy scenarios. She was also the research assistant for Pulitzer-Prize winning author Daniel Yergin's recent book on energy geopolitics, The New Map. Elena holds an MA in International Relations and Economics from SAIS Johns Hopkins, and a BA in European Studies with First Class Honours from King's College London.