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Dr. Nick Chadwick

Dr. Nick Chadwick

CEO & Co-Founder, Mission Zero Technologies
Dr. Nick Chadwick is the CEO and co-founder of Mission Zero Technologies. Mission Zero is building and deploying a low-energy, electric-only Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology for the efficient capture of CO2 from the atmosphere. They are backed by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Anglo American, and their approach has been recognized as 1 of 15 global milestone winners in the Elon Musk-funded CDR X-Prize. Furthermore, they have won funding from the British government to deploy their technology at scale with operations starting this year. Prior to starting Mission Zero, Nick worked for many years in early-stage tech development across a range of industries from water security to semiconductors. He has a PhD in Chemistry from University College London and enjoys rock climbing and traveling in his spare time.