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Dr. Carlo Raucci

Dr. Carlo Raucci

Director of Sustainable Fuels and Strategy, Lloyd's Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub

Dr. Carlo Raucci is the Programme Lead of the LR Maritime Decarbonisation Hub, driving impactful initiatives towards a cleaner and sustainable maritime future.

In 2021, his pioneering First Mover Framework catalysed the formation of the Silk Alliance, a broad coalition for a green corridor cluster in Singapore.

He led the work that for the first time estimated the investment required to decarbonise shipping, finding that more than 80% of the cost would be required to supply clean fuels. He authored influential reports advocating for zero-emission vessels by 2030 to achieve the 2050 decarbonisation goal. His groundbreaking models assessed the Total Cost of Operation for these vessels and production costs for alternative fuels, providing invaluable insights for industry stakeholders.

His work contributed to the IMO GHG initial strategy, the Third GHG Study, the 2020 Sulphur regulation, and the UK Clean Maritime Plan. Carlo holds a PhD from University College London, where his 2016 research suggesting the use of hydrogen and derivatives for decarbonising shipping remains a landmark contribution to the field.