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Dr Andrew Woods

Dr Andrew Woods

CEO & Co-Founder, Catagen
Andrew founded CATAGEN in 2010, successfully spinning it out of Queen's University Belfast with Professor Roy Douglas CTO. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Automotive Catalysis. Andrew has built an award winning team whose purpose is to clean and decarbonise the air. From initially providing world-class emissions testing to the automotive sector, the company is now developing advanced testing for heavy duty diesel and industrial catalysts. This expertise in emissions data and simulation, the development of energy efficient chemical reactor technologies, IP and knowledge has given CATAGEN a vantage point for new net zero technologies. This has led to the development of ClimaHtech ' an acceleration system towards decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies. In 2022, CATAGEN successfully received five funding awards from the UK's Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to develop new technologies in renewable hydrogen production (not electrolysis), e-fuels, carbon capture and compression technologies.