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Cypren Edmunds

Cypren Edmunds

Chairperson, Strawbale UK

As a founder member of StrawBale UK (2015), he has played a pivotal role in various sustainable constructions organisations. Currently he is involved with the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) and was a team member for the launch of the National Retrofit Hub (NRH). With a background spanning sports, music, and community representation, he has demonstrated effective leadership. From early days as a GB athlete, personal trainer, and radio DJ, to his current role in coordinating community groups, he has displayed proactive problem-solving and analytical thinking. He specialises in building partnerships, synthesising information, and managing projects. Adaptable and detail-oriented, he excels in communication-heavy roles, leveraging a unique blend of creativity, enterprise, and ambition. He is Chair of StrawBale UK, President of the European Strawbuilding Association, and Director of William Morris House.