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Claire Spooner

Claire Spooner

Director of Mobility, Innovate UK

Claire Spooner is Deputy Director for the exciting £611 million Faraday Battery Challenge; working to transform the UK to be the go-to place for Electric Vehicle Batteries as part of the UK’s Net Zero target.

The FBC aims to make the UK a science superpower for batteries. By supporting the UK’s world-class battery facilities along with growing and innovative businesses that are developing the battery supply chain for our future prosperity. Claire works closely with key stakeholders to develop strategic interventions in response to industry challenges and commercial opportunities. She brings research and innovation knowledge, and insight to create and continue truly transformative academic, industry and investor collaborations and solutions to meet our challenge. Working across the entire challenge, with a specific focus on our research agenda, comms and stakeholder engagement.

Claire has held previous roles as Head of Decarbonising Transport and Head of Advanced Materials at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). These roles encompassed leading the EPSRC’s research domains, scoping new activities and leading commissioning. At the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) she was Deputy Head for Economic Performance and Environment Team and Theme Lead for Transport and Infrastructure. She led ESRCs Climate Change Priority activity, developing and commissioning work on the Research Councils Environment and Energy remit, focused on social science and interdisciplinary activities. S These roles have helped inform her interdisciplinary approach to scoping and commissioning research.