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Antony Yousefian

Antony Yousefian

VP Climate & Circularity, Wiliot

Antony Yousefian is passionate about leveraging technology for good and transforming global supply chains from extractive to regenerative. As the VP of Climate & Circularity at Wiliot, Antony focuses on developing climate solutions with customers to accelerate carbon removal. Antony began his career in asset management and investment banking, where he witnessed the rapid growth of ESG and impact capital. Driven by the desire to accelerate positive change with finance, he started angel investing and went on to develop and help scale two startups: 30MHz, which used IoT to increase crop yields, and Bx, which quantified the ecological footprint of farming. Today, Antony continues to support the early-stage ecosystem as a Partner at TFT and as Chair of the Advisory Board for the UK Agtech Centre, Agrimetrics.