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Amine Houssaim

Amine Houssaim

Vice President, Hydrogen Solutions, Innov'X
Amine Houssaim currently holds the position of Vice President, Hydrogen Solutions at Innov'X, a business development company and catalyst for the ecosystem in Morocco. With over 16 years of experience in the industrial gas industry, Amine is a seasoned professional in the field of hydrogen. He is an engineer specializing in energy and began his career in engineering and construction. Later on, Amine took on the roles of Managing Director and Board Member in various subsidiaries of Air Liquide across the EMEA region. Since 2018, he has been actively involved in strategically developing the hydrogen economy in Europe, bridging the gap between renewable power uptake and transforming industries towards climate sustainability. His extensive knowledge of customer processes, industrial partnerships, both traditional and emerging hydrogen markets, plays a crucial role in advancing the value chain. Amine's passion lies in technological advancements and innovative business models that support the industry's journey towards decarbonization.