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Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron

Founder & CEO, Decarb Connect & Decarbonisation Leaders Network

With a career spanning 25+ years of research, business intelligence and building networks, she holds a wealth of experience spanning the commodities and industrial manufacturing sectors. More importantly, this experience is what underpins Alex’s belief in the power of connecting people to tackle the biggest net-zero challenges.

In 2020, Alex founded Decarb Connect - a platform with a clear mission to accelerate industrial decarbonisation by connecting decision makers to the right collaborators, investors and insights across the hard-to-abate sectors. She is already achieving this via the Decarbonisation Leaders Network which brings together more than 80 international companies in metals, mining, cement, glass and chemicals. The platform also offers access to collaborations and partners through the global summit series, 1-2-1 introductions and shares insights through reports and the Decarb Connect podcast.

Alex is a strong advocate for pragmatic, data-driven and sustainable decarbonisation practices in industry. On founding Decarb Connect, she ensured it would be technology-neutral and believes that a wide portfolio of technology and innovative approaches are essential to solving the industrial CO2 challenges.

Alex holds a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Social Policy from Durham University.