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Abiel Ma

Abiel Ma

Co-Founder & CEO, Vuala

Abiel is the CEO and Co-founder of Vuala. Vuala is making food waste recycling easy with its automatic food waste separation technology. Vuala's innovation utilizes targeted microorganisms and novel mechanical design, to automatically separate food waste from other waste; turning them into raw material for energy production within hours onsite. Vuala's technology allows food waste to be stored up to a month without smell, significantly reducing collection frequency, saving 95% logistic, labour and CO2 emission. 

Vuala has obtained a 3-year waste treatment permit, 5 grants and 4 signed pilots. Vuala's mission is to reduce 100 million tonnes of CO2 in 10 years.

Abiel began his career at PwC and was the head of sales and marketing at a London food logistics company. Prior to Vuala, Abiel served as CEO of Path Solutions Group, an ESG consultancy firm for 5 years.

Abiel is the Australia Global Talent Visa recipient and InnovateUK's Young Innovator 2022/23. Abiel graduated from a Master’s in Entrepreneurship(CleanTech) at the University of Cambridge.