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13 Feb 2024

A political melting pot of discussion in store at Innovation Zero

A political melting pot of discussion in store at Innovation Zero
Innovation Zero 2024

With a UK general election on the cards for later this year, net zero, the environment and sustainability are likely to be high on the agenda of all the main political parties as they look to burnish their green credentials in order to win votes.

The mere fact that sustainability and a solid commitment to the implementation of policies that will lead to a greener country are seen as by the electorate as a key determining factor in the way they will cast their vote is a big plus. It has not always been the case. The Innovation Zero congress from 30 April to 1 May 2024 has brought together a diverse range of views and political representatives as part of its extensive speaker programme and will provide an important platform to discuss the sustainability issues that matter in this election year.  

As well as government ministers and senior politicians with experience of the levers of power, like former secretary of state for international trade, Dr Liam Fox MP, the UK’s largest net zero gathering of the year will also see representatives of the main opposition parties setting out their stalls and explaining their green agenda for government should they gain the keys to Ten Downing Street after the election.

Labour’s plans are in the headlines with the news that the party is to scrap its flagship £28bn green spending proposals. The proposals were initially welcomed by many in the business community, and also amongst the public at large, but recent signs that the party is nervous about making large-scale spending commitments have made the party think again. This despite the Labour leader Kier Starmer saying recently that the party’s policy pledge to spend £28bn a year on green investment is “desperately needed”.

Another speaker due to address the Innovation Zero event is Ed Miliband, the Labour shadow secretary of state of climate change and net zero. Given the recent scrutiny around Labour’s green spending plans, scrutiny that will continue all the way up to the general election, his session at the congress is sure to be very well attended and keenly anticipated.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party are saying that their green manifestos which they claim will mark the biggest shift to a sustainable economic policy ever seen in the UK. The Conservatives will highlight the significant progress being made under their stewardship towards decarbonisation and the nation achieving its net zero targets by 2030 and this all sets up a melting pot of discussion on sustainability and net zero issues as we get closer to that general election.

As we can see, there’s plenty of food for thought to inform the discussions at Innovation Zero from 30 April to 1 May 2024 when thousands are set to gather at London’s Olympia for one of the largest sustainability and net zero expos ever seen in the UK. Make sure that you get involved in the conversation by registering for your place at the congress today!

Registration is open now for Innovation Zero. Click here to secure your place at this must-attend event. (

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