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23 Nov 2023

Nottingham Trent launches its Centre for Sustainable Construction and Retrofit

Nottingham Trent launches its Centre for Sustainable Construction and Retrofit
Nottingham Trent University's Department of Architecture
Nottingham Trent's decarbonising our building stock

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is embarking on an ambitious venture to reshape the construction industry's sustainability narrative with the launch of the Centre for Sustainable Construction and Retrofit. With a significant investment of £1.5 million, this initiative aims to revolutionize skills, research, training, and consultancy within the UK construction sector, propelling it towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Headed by Professor Richard Bull, the Deputy Dean of NTU's School of Architecture, Design, and the Built Environment, the center is poised to amalgamate expertise and innovation. Its primary goal is to equip the construction sector with the necessary tools to meet the stringent net-zero climate change targets set for 2050.

Professor Bull emphasized the enormity of the challenge ahead, citing that the construction sector presently accounts for up to 50% of carbon emissions. Addressing this challenge, the Centre for Sustainable Construction and Retrofit aims to bridge the existing gaps in skills, knowledge, and expertise. It aims to elevate existing buildings' adaptability while fostering sustainable methodologies for new constructions, ensuring alignment with critical climate change goals.

NTU's commitment to sustainability in the built environment has been highlighted through influential reports such as the 'Scale-up Retrofit 2050' whitepaper, advocating for nationwide initiatives to enhance energy efficiency in existing homes through deep retrofitting. Additionally, NTU's REMOURBAN project showcased the transformative benefits of deep retrofits during COP26, underscoring their pivotal role in reshaping the built environment..

NTU's Centre for Sustainable Construction and Retrofit is poised to catalyze the transition of the built environment sector towards a low-carbon future. By focusing on research, training, and consultancy, this initiative stands as a testament to NTU's commitment to sustainability and innovation within the construction industry, signalling a bold stride towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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