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IZ23 Testimonials

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Theo Gendarme, Greenly

We chatted to Theo Gendarme from Greenly about his experience at Innovation Zero 2023: 

Our experience at Innovation Zero for this first day was super successful. We met with a lot of really motivated people wanting to take their sustainability journey to the next level and also potential partners who could help in improving our offering and helping to spread the Greenly offering to more people.

It's important for Greenly to be present. A lot of the discussions we have nowadays are online so it means we can speak to more people in different locations but sometimes it's great to have physical interactions and it's really great to be interacting with people of similar passions and really utilizing technology to get to Net Zero. From our point of view the biggest challenge for Greenly is of course trying to look at scalability. Our goal is to make karma management accessible to all companies and so that means having the technology that's able to be used by everyone and so we're using these first exercises with our first thousand clients and really taking their feedback to understand how we can improve the solution and hoping that within the next years as incoming regulation falls such as the CSRD in Europe we have the capacity to really help and have the biggest impact we can.

If I had to summarize Innovation Zero today it would be first of all some very thoughtful interactions and discussions, some very positive minded people who want to contribute to a positive change in the future. Definitely looking forward to the next event next year seeing how fast things are moving. I'm sure there will be other topics to discuss and other challenges to be facing so it shouldn't look like what we have this year.