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IZ23 Testimonials

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Stefan Gross-Selbeck, BCG X

We chatted to Stefan Gross-Selbeck from BCG X about his experience at Innovation Zero 2023:

In this video, Stefan highlights a critical innovation and technology gap to reach net zero within the committed timeline. Scaling up existing technologies, particularly those in early stages, is a major challenge. While these technologies exist, accelerating their scale and production capacity remains key. Current technologies can only close a fraction of the gap, necessitating the development and scaling of new and existing technologies to achieve net zero goals.

The challenge lies in building the capacity to economically produce technologies like hydrogen and carbon capture at the necessary volumes. Engaging with numerous startups and established companies at Innovation Zero reveals a shared focus on innovation. This event presents opportunities for forging new partnerships and alliances to address this crucial issue.

Despite the considerable work ahead, conferences like Innovation Zero offer insights into ongoing innovation efforts, providing hope that progress is being made. The discussions and interactions at such events hint at a positive trajectory toward achieving net zero goals, showcasing the potential for collaboration and advancement in the field of sustainability.