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IZ23 Testimonials

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The Rt Hon. Graham Stuart MP, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

We spoke with The Rt Hon. Graham Stuart MP, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero at Innovation Zero 2023. Graham speaks about the UK's position as a global frontrunner by its unparalleled reduction in emissions compared to other major economies worldwide. This achievement stems from a concerted emphasis on innovation, scientific advancements, and leveraging the inherent entrepreneurial spirit of the British populace. This approach has been effectively steered by governmental mandates.

The collaborative efforts of small and large enterprises alongside governmental support present a unified front capable of addressing this challenge. Through domestic contributions, exports, and international diplomacy, the UK can pave the way for global adherence to our initiatives.

Demonstrating a strong commitment, the Prime Minister established a department dedicated to energy security and achieving net zero. There's a resolute determination to further empower Britain using clean energy methods, ultimately reducing costs for citizens while cultivating lasting competitive advantages for industries.

The reality is that achieving multiple goals is possible if executed correctly, and the linchpin lies in fostering innovation, technology, and the remarkable scientific discoveries showcased at this very event.