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IZ23 Testimonials

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Heather Buchanan, Bankers for Net Zero

We caught up with Heather Buchanan from Bankers for Net Zero at Innovation Zero 2023. Heather discusses the challenge of unlocking capital for transitioning towards sustainability, focusing on data as a key barrier. The finance industry, particularly Bankers for Net Zero, aims to improve ESG reporting, especially the environmental aspect. The finance sector's role in promoting clean growth through incentives and better rates to encourage companies to transition is crucial.

Collaboration and breaking down silos are essential in achieving these goals. Innovation, specifically Project Perseus, aims to leverage open banking principles to obtain reliable, verifiable supply chain data, crucial for unlocking capital and fostering innovation. There is also the opportunity within the innovation sector and the potential for significant advancements within a year by focusing on obtaining accurate, assurable data. The hope is that these efforts will facilitate connections and drive forward progress in unlocking capital for sustainability and innovation.