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IZ23 Testimonials

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Diana Taylor, Future Humber

We spoke to Diana Taylor from Future Humber at Innovation Zero 2023. The Humber stands as the largest UK decarbonization initiative, offering immense opportunities alongside complexities. Innovation Zero is invaluable at enabling collaboration among diverse stakeholders and facilitating a collective message to a broad audience.

The Humber region is deeply rooted in energy-intensive industries, including chemicals, steel, cement, and energy generation. Collaboration among these sectors is crucial for sharing best practices, aligning efforts, and achieving Net Zero goals efficiently. This collaboration not only benefits the Humber's transition but also contributes to the UK's overall Net Zero targets.

Partners at Innovation Zero aim to connect across supply chains, seeking innovative technologies and practices. They seek collaboration with entrepreneurs, SMEs, and similar industries to exchange stories and advance their respective businesses.

Diana also discusses how organization faces challenges regarding investment certainty. Although partners have committed £15 billion internally, securing policies and government investment is crucial for continued private sector support. Overcoming these hurdles is necessary to address skill shortages and ensure a workforce capable of delivering green projects and sustaining careers in the long run.