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IZ23 Testimonials

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Will Bernholz, 8 Rivers

We spoke to Will Bernholz from 8 Rivers about their experience with Innovation Zero 2023. In summary:

8 Rivers chose to take part in Innovation Zero 2023, leveraging their enduring tie with the UK government and the conference's climate focus. As a leading climate tech and clean energy firm, their mission spans global climate action, notably in the UK. Their innovative technologies, centered on carbon capture, encompass clean power, fuels, carbon removal, and industry solutions. At Innovation Zero, 8 Rivers showcased the Climate Pioneers Exhibition, stressing collaborative efforts for achieving Net Zero by 2050, particularly in London. Their aim is to engage diverse stakeholders—government bodies, industries, similar companies, and startups—to boost brand visibility and advocate collective action toward Net Zero. Their primary challenge is swift global deployment of technologies for substantial carbon reduction and clean energy. They're keen on accelerating projects, creating momentum, and curbing global carbon emissions.

Engaging at Innovation Zero has connected 8 Rivers with like-minded individuals, uniting diverse sectors to drive rapid climate action toward the common goal of achieving Net Zero.