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Innovation Zero 2024

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01 May 2024
Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase Forum will have a dedicate & curated audience of primarily investors and corporate buyers who are interested in seeing innovations and new technologies emerging in the Energy & Industrial space. The session will be broken down into an opening remarks with piece of research on the state of the market, conducted by our partner Cleantech Group, followed by 15minute pitches from our innovators. For our Energy & Industrial session, these companies will be:


Speaking on behalf of Exergy3 we have:

  • Markus Ronde, CEO and Co-Founder, Exergy3

Net-Zero Without Long Duration Energy Storage – Impossible
Join RheEnergise's CEO, Stephen Crosher, as he highlights why LDES is critical to reaching Net Zero targets and discusses the global trillion dollar market opportunity for game changing clean technologies.

  • Stephen Crosher, CEO, RheEnergise


How innovation is making the ecological logical.
There are technologies available today that through the power of innovation can address environmental challenges without compromising economic growth. Coomtech is a decarbonisation technology developer that has created & patented a new method of drying bulk solids with the potential to reduce emissions down to zero whilst using 75% less energy.

  • Philip Jarvis, Chief Executive Officer: Coomtech Ltd

Speaking on behalf of Nuada we have:

  • Conor Hamill, CEO, Nuada
Confirmed Speakers
Stephen Crosher, CEO - RheEnergise
Sarah Griffiths, Vice President, Regulatory and Government Affairs - Hydrostor
Conor Hamill, Co-CEO - Nuada Carbon Capture
Philip Jarvis, Chief Executive Officer - Coomtech Ltd
Markus Rondé, CEO - Exergy3 Limited