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Innovation Zero 2024

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30 Apr 2024
Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase Forum will have a dedicate & curated audience of primarily investors and corporate buyers who are interested in seeing innovations and new technologies emerging in the Land & Water space. The session will be broken down into an opening remarks with piece of research on the state of the market, conducted by our partner Cleantech Group, followed by 15minute pitches from our innovators. For our Land and Water session, these companies will be:

Showerkap will demonstrate how engineering, combined with behavioural science, can address water and energy wastage, ultimately contributing to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Stephen Harding, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Showerkap
  • Kevin Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Showerkap

Unlocking the power of industrial wastewater: from food and drink to paper manufacturing, maximise energy generation from your wastewater and sludge, reduce carbon emissions and increase effluent quality.

  • Manshu Agarwal, CCO, WASE

3.CH4 Global
CH4 Global is a climate tech company developing market-disruptive products to combat the threat of climate change. It’s Methane Tamer™, feed additives for ruminant animals, tackle the colossal challenge of reducing enteric methane emissions from livestock by up to 90%, offering a pivotal opportunity for gigatonne-scale GHG reductions by 2030.

  • Steve Miller, CEO, CH4 Global

4.Bluebell Index
Speaking on behalf of Bluebell we have:

  • Phelipe Spielmann, CEO & Founder, Bluebell Index
Confirmed Speakers
Stephen Harding, Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Showerkap
Steve Meller, CEO - CH4 Global
Phelipe Spielmann, CEO & Founder - Bluebell Index
Kevin Wright, Chief Brand Officer - Showerkap