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Innovation Zero 2024

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01 May 2024
Main Stage
Supply Chain , Innovation , Infrastructure

The successful development of low carbon infrastructure rests on the foundational pillars of critical supply in energy, minerals, and labour. With this considered, how is the future of ‘infrastructure zero’ being guaranteed by boosting domestic supply and securing a network of clean, resilient imports?

This session will look at the national and international frameworks which underpin upstream supply across these three critical areas, with panellists demonstrating what is being achieved and what further attention is required so green infrastructure can sufficiently scale and persevere.

How is energy security being achieved through the diversification and development of intercontinental pipelines, interconnectors and a resilient grid? What does a proactive, ethical critical mineral strategy look like to ensure a secure future for industry and international trade? And how are we equipping and empowering the labour market, reshaping the education and careers system so the workforce is sufficiently prepared for tomorrow’s green industries?

Lucy Siegle, Journalist & Broadcaster - Freelance
Confirmed Speakers
Ollie Folayan MBE, Head of Process and Safety Engineering - Optimus Plus Ltd and AFBE-UK
Professor Paul Monks, Chief Scientific Adviser - Department for Energy Security & Net Zero
Rebecca Sedler, Managing Director - Interconnectors - National Grid