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Innovation Zero 2024

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30 Apr 2024
Oceans & Water Forum
Investment , Circularity , Innovation

Our ocean’s health is in a critical state of decline. The combined effects of rising temperatures, acidification, oxygenation, driven by climate change, are inflicting significant damage on marine life and ecosystems. Simultaneously, human activities, including overfishing, pollution and habitat loss, exert even more pressure on the ocean, diminishing its capacity to support life and regulate the climate.
The global goal of conserving 30% of the ocean by 2030 represents one of the most crucial steps we can take to safeguard habitats, protect species and ecosystems and enhance the ocean’s resilience. However, beyond numerical targets, we must also rethink our relationship with the oceans. Join us as our expert panellists share insights on empowering communities in ocean conservation and management and how we chart a course toward a healthier and more sustainable ocean.

Holly Stower, Group Lead, Resources & Environment - Cleantech Group
Confirmed Speakers
Jeanne Everett, Director of Programs & Operations - Blue Climate Initiative
Sandy Luk, Chief Executive Officer - Marine Conservation Society
Sian Owen, Executive Director - Deep Sea Conservation Coalition
Hugo Tagholm, Executive Director - Oceana UK