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To help set companies on the path to net zero emissions, TREEO provides them with traceable and reliable data about our high-quality, nature-based Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs) while we empower tree growers through the TREEO Technology and access to the carbon market.

The TREEO carbon product can be split into two main steps: carbon capture and carbon storage. Trees capture CO2 from our atmosphere and store it as carbon while releasing the oxygen we breathe. Through the TREEO technology, we empower tree growers in the Global South and finance reforestation and restoration projects. We then guarantee the carbon is stored in the long term with harvested wood products and biochar. TREEO guarantees full transparency through our single-tree monitoring technology.


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  • The TREEO Technology connects tree growers in the global south to the carbon market, supplying high-quality CDR to our balancers: companies on the path to net zero. 
  • TREEO: A Pioneer in nature-based carbon dioxide removals

    30 Mar 2023 TREEO at Business Reporter
    Learn more about TREEO's nature-based carbon dioxide removals in this interview with our co-founder and CEO, Johannes Schwegler, by Alastair Greener and Business Reporter.    The TREEO carbon product ...